Posted April 16, 2013 by William Carpenter in Editorial Articles

Is Nintendo’s Wii-U Worth Your Time And Money?


Wii-U is Nintendo’s latest console, and currently the only “next-gen” system released in the market. Unlike it’s predecessor, the Nintendo Wii, Wii-U wasn’t flying off the shelves and causing consumers to fight and hustle their way to owning one. Wii-U kind of just released.

Sporting capabilities such as 1080p via HDMI, and boasting titles such as Darksiders II, Super Mario Brothers U, and recently released Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate (MH3U), the Wii-U still doesn’t have a positive image when it comes to the general gaming community. Some look to it as a fad, or a just a gimmick system with the Gamepad peripheral, and before purchasing my Wii-U, I was part of that demographic.

I purchased a Wii-U Deluxe for the extra storage and aesthetics of the system with a copy of Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate (review coming later). Setting up the system was easy, and being able to switch my primary screen from my television to the gamepad is pretty nifty. Finished setting up, I popped in Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, and was surprised. The colors and High Definition was amazing. After dropping 30+ hours (so far) into Monster Hunter, my other systems have been collecting dust, and probably will continue to do so for some time.

“Don’t write off the Wii-U just yet”

So I started thinking about 2 aspects about the Wii-U: 1. The system is nice. MH3U looks great, and other software titles have been getting decent reviews, but (2.) is the system really a next gen system? I honestly can’t say yes or no, because there is nothing else that is out to compare it to. What I will say is that Nintendo is continuing to strive and continue to be a force in the industry. American gamers might not believe it, but when you look at the sales of the system and titles, you can’t argue.

As to my original question, it depends on your taste. For any Monster Hunter fan, it is a must have. As for others, don’t write off the Wii-U just yet. Currently, it is a good system for those that love Adventure games with titles such as Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, Super Mario Brothers U, and LEGO Undercover (LEGO Grand Theft Auto Style!) available now with more to come.

William Carpenter