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Is Yun The God Tier Sagat of SSF4 AE?

op yun Is Yun The God Tier Sagat of SSF4 AE?

Ladies and gentlemen meet Yun, one half of a pair of Wushu twins (Yun and Yang) and the new Flavor of The Month for the upcoming Super Street Fighter 4: Arcade Edition. From the numerous videos being uploaded to YouTUBE and the commentary from people that have had the privilege to play the game, Yun is the new Sagat aka God Tier for this edition. what this means kids, is that you can expect that every other match you play online will be Yun and the other half will probably be Evil Ryu. Yun is not only fast but has a pretty high priority vertical kick and aerial dive. Just observe the footage below when Yun decimates some extremely good players with ease.

What do you think? Nerf or you won’t play, or is it more of the old “all you need to do is find his weakness and destroy him”? There is also speculation that the balance of Super street Fighter 4 was too boring so Capcom purposefully made the twins overpowered in order to breath some new blood into the competition. I am going to go ahead and call bullsh– on that notion and chalk this up to an oversight on their part.

Yun and Yang first debuted in Street Fighter 3 and have joined the already large roster of characters in Super Street Fighter 4: Arcade Edition.

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