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The Walking Dead – Fantasy Edition (Game 2)

walking dead zombie The Walking Dead – Fantasy Edition (Game 2)

Welcome to the 2nd edition of the 3GK Walking Dead Survival game. The rules are the same (see below) but we have thrown in some extra bonuses to prevent ties for people who pick the same teams. We aim to make this one more interactive, so comments will be encouraged. As Rick and company survive the zombie apocalypse, it will be up to you to choose wisely as to who will contribute the most to the greater good of the human race!

Rules of the game:

Each player begins with 20 bonus points to be distributed however he/she chooses to build their survival team. As an example, you can play with Rick and Daryl as your team against someone who can have Carl, T-Dog, Lori, and Michonne. The points given for each feat and the group that each member is a part of (Alpha, Beta or Gamma) is dictated by their usefulness as the show goes on. Weak characters are Gammas whereas strong characters with leadership qualities are Alphas and Betas. Being that as it is, an Alpha killing a zombie is typical so little points are given as opposed to a Gamma killing a zombie which is a huge deal. On the flip side you expect your alphas to live so if one dies it’s barely rewarded; if a Gamma dies it is a liability lost so you are rewarded heavily for the sacrifice.

New Rule: Players must also choose a leader – the one person who would lead your zombie survival group and is subject to bonuses and penalties based on his/her activity throughout.

Note: Any points left after you choose your team will be added to your beginning score.
New Rule: If you have points left over you can pick up any newly introduced teammate as a Beta class.

How do you win?

At the end of the season the person with the highest score will be crowned God of The Zombie Apocalypse and will receive a nice reward (TBA).

3GodKings crew will keep a running score card here as an example of how to score your progress. For those who wish to play with us, please submit your entry prior to October 13th, 2012. Happy zombie hunting!

Team Alpha (10): Rick, Daryl, Andrea, Michonne

  • Zombie kill – 2 points
  • Assist – 6 points
  • Suicide – 2 points
  • Death – 10 points
  • Getting wounded – (-6) points

Team Beta (5): Glenn, T-Dog

  • Zombie kill – 4 points
  • Assist – 10 points
  • Suicide – 3 points
  • Death – 10 points
  • Getting wounded – (-4) points

Team Gamma (2): Lori, Carl, Carol, Maggie

  • Zombie kill – 6 points
  • Assist – 15 points
  • Suicide – 4 points
  • Death – 10 points
  • Getting wounded – (-2) points

The bonus points have been redefined in a major, major way! With the choice in team you will now have points unique to your own match-up in order to maximize your choices.


  • Last Stand (Prior to death the amount of zombies killed) +5 per zombie
  • Melee Hit (daring to smack a zombie like a bawse!) +3 points
  • Non-projectile weapon (close-up kill) +1 points
  • Decapitation +1 points


  • Alpha Squadron Kills are worth double (not including bonuses)
  • Family Grimes (Rick, Carl & Lori) +3 Bonus per episode
  • Forbidden Love (Glenn & Maggie) +2 Bonus per episode
  • HillBilly Lovin’ (Daryl & Carol) +2 Bonus per episode
  • Femme Fatales (Michonne & Andrea) +5 Bonus per episode
  • Smoking Guns (Rick & Daryl) +5 Bonus per episode


  • Most Unpopular Character +3 points per kill
  • Most Popular Character -5 points every episode of inactivity (Medal: FOTM)
  • Most Valuable Player – Chosen by Game MC +7 points (Medal: MVP)
  • Leader as an MVP +2 points
  • Doing 3+ things in an episode to help out the group +5 points (Medal: Old Reliable)
  • Takes a licking and keeps on ticking – For an extremely tough survivor +5 points (Medal: Like A Timex)


  • Overkill (hitting a zombie 5 or more times in a kill, additional hits are points) +5 points or more (Medal: Gore Hound)
  • Killing a survivor -10 points (Medal: Villain)
  • Killing a hostile human or enemy +10 points (Medal: Ice Cold)


  • Zombie Kill – Grenade in the mouth +25 points (Medal: Becky)
  • Zombie Kill – Pulling the head off +25 points (Medal: Snatch)
  • Zombie Kill – Decapitating a zombie’s head with the trunk of a car +25 points (Medal: Beer Opener)
  • Zombie  Kill – Using a rope to decapitate a zombie +25 points (Medal: Garrote)

Roulette Bonus** – Every team should pick a number between 1 and 20 for the weekly Roulette Bonus. This is a bonus point given to the weekly winner just for being lucky and will help to thin out the possibility of ties as we get near the finale.


michonne walking dead 3 The Walking Dead – Fantasy Edition (Game 2)

Character Sheets (choose wisely)


Rick Grimes
rick wd3 The Walking Dead – Fantasy Edition (Game 2)
Strengths: Marksman – Toughness – Leadership – Loyalty
Weaknesses: Easily Manipulated – Naivete – Lori
Alpha Status: Kills – 54, Assists – 3, Wounds – 1 | Total: 226
Awards: Ice Cold*Gore Hound*


Lori Grimes
lori wd3 The Walking Dead – Fantasy Edition (Game 2)
Strengths: Master Manipulator – Cooking – Leadership
Weaknesses: Guilt – Carl
Gamma Status: Kills – 4, Assists – 1, Wounds – 0 | Total: 50
Awards: -


Carl Grimes
carl wd3 The Walking Dead – Fantasy Edition (Game 2)
Strengths: Fearlessness – Gunslinger
Weaknesses: Mischievous – Naivete – Boredom
Gamma Status: Kills – 18, Assists – 3, Wounds – 0 | Total: 160
Awards: MVP (1) Ice Cold*


Daryl Dixon
daryl wd3 The Walking Dead – Fantasy Edition (Game 2)
Strengths: Marksman – Woodsman – Hunter – Fearlessness – Toughness
Weaknesses: Merle (his brother) – Carol
Alpha Status: Kills – 42, Assists – 5, Wounds – 0 | Total: 242
Awards: MVP (2) Old Reliable* | Ice Cold* | Beer Opener*


Theodore Douglas (T-Dog)
t dog The Walking Dead – Fantasy Edition (Game 2)
Strengths: Reliability – Loyalty
Weaknesses: Self Esteem – Bad Luck
Beta Status: Kills – 13, Assists – 1, Wounds – 0 | Total: 103
Awards: MVP (1)


Carol Peletier
carol wd3 The Walking Dead – Fantasy Edition (Game 2)
Strengths: Daryl
Weaknesses: Speed – Fear Factor – No Killer Instinct
Gamma Status: Kills – 10, Assists – 0, Wounds – 0 | Total: 97
Awards: -


michonne wd3 The Walking Dead – Fantasy Edition (Game 2)
Strengths: Focus, Hardcore, Sword Saint, Loyalty
Weaknesses: Unknown
Alpha Status: Kills – 31, Assists – 2, Wounds – 1 | Total: 199
Awards: MVP (2) Ice Cold* | Garrote*


andrea wd3 The Walking Dead – Fantasy Edition (Game 2)
Strengths: Marksman – Dead-Eye – Killer Instinct – Fearlessness
Weaknesses: Likability – Itchy Trigger Finger – Selfishness
Alpha Status: Kills – 12, Assists – 0, Wounds – 0 | Total: 62
Awards: MVP (1)


Glenn Rhee
glenn wd3 The Walking Dead – Fantasy Edition (Game 2)
Strengths: Reliability – Likability – Jack-of-all-Trades – Speed – Scout
Weaknesses: Maggie – Self-Esteem
Beta Status: Kills – 16, Assists – 1, Wounds – 0 | Total: 135
Awards: FOTM, Like A Timex* | Gore Hound*


Maggie Greene
maggie wd3 The Walking Dead – Fantasy Edition (Game 2)
Strengths: Glenn
Weaknesses: Hershel (Her Father) – Family – Combat
Gamma Status: Kills – 13, Assists – 4, Wounds – 0 | Total: 197
Awards: MVP (3) Ice Cold*


Teams and Scores:

  1. The Charnel House [3] (Greg Dragon) – Andrea (L), Glenn, Carl, Maggie | F.Love Bonus – 590
  2. She had a big booty, so I called her big booty [9] (Misael) – Rick (L), Michonne – 603
  3. Shane’s Dead [19] (Pokerarg) – Michonne (L), Andrea | F.Fatale Bonus – 433
  4. The Stumblers [8] (McThick) – Michonne (L), Daryl – 593
  5. Governor Goats [12] (M.Session) – Michonne (L), Glenn, Lori, Maggie | F.Love Bonus – 620
  6. Walking Bros. [18] (Joe) – Rick (L), Glenn, Maggie, Carl | F.Love Bonus – 753
  7. Stayin’ Alive [7] (Loretta) – Daryl (L), Glenn, Carl, Maggie | F.Love Bonus773
  8. Ponty Pool [10] (K.Karisma) – Daryl (L), Michonne – 598
  9. Team Dead [15] (Dennis) – Rick (L), Andrea – 420
  10. Splatter Brains [7] (Neids) – T-Dog (L), Michonne, Carl, Lori – 514
  11. The Bat’s Belfries [13] (Batman333) – Rick (L), Glenn, Maggie | F.Love Bonus – 593
  12. Team Cotten [19] (Snips) – Michonne (L), Glenn, Carol, Maggie | F.Love Bonus – 667
  13. 3 Girls 1 Asian [4] (Shinzo) – Michonne (L), Glenn, Lori, Maggie | F.Love Bonus – 620
  14. Team Matadores [11] (Ariana) – Andrea (L), T-Dog, Glenn – 302
  15. Mullet Mafia [14] (Bakari) – Daryl (L), Glenn, Lori – 469
  16. Girl Power [19] (Nicky) – Daryl (L), Glenn, T-Dog – 516
  17. Jobbers [1] (Gary) – Daryl (L), Michonne – 593
  18. Team Woodbury [19] (Rob) – Michonne (L), Glenn, Maggie, Carl | F.Love Bonus – 730
  19. Zombie TexasBig [16] (TexasbigCDM) - Daryl(L), Michonne – 593
  20. In Thee Face!! [12] (Raquel) – Glenn (L), Michonne, Maggie, Carl | F.Love Bonus – 726
  21. Zombie City Chic [13] (Kia) – Rick (L), Glenn, Carl, Carol – 619
  22. Always Time For Luvin’ [19] (Pat) – Glenn (L), Daryl, Maggie, Carol | HBL + FL Bonus – 738

Scoring Summary:

Premiere: - Rick goes beast mode in kills but Maggie earns MVP for going up close and personal 10 times despite her Gamma status. Rick earns an assist for Hershel’s leg, scores 3 decapitations as well as Michonne. Carol is a fighter this season… scoring 3 kills and a brand new workout body (seems like Daryl is hitting that). Being the least picked Carol earned an additional 9 points for her kills. T-Dog has a spear (-__-)… Roulette: 2
Episode 2 Lots went on this episode – Rick unlocked the medal “Ice Cold“(+10) for offing a psychopathic human prisoner and Daryl received MVP for saving his life during the melee. Little Carl solo’s 2 zombies and brings back medical supplies to aid the injured Hershel. Lori scores an assist for giving mouth to mouth resuscitation to the old man and saving his life and Carol pokes a zombie in the eye to practice surgery… she has a voyeur! Oh and T-Dog now has a shield to go with his spear… has the most stylish kills next to Daryl. Glenn had no kills this episode so his teams suffer a -5 pt bonus for him being FOTM. Roulette: 10
Episode 3 Not much happened this episode being that it was an introduction to the Governor and our boy Merle. Michonne decapitates her two zombies and gets the MVP. Glenn had no kills this episode so his teams suffer a -5 pt bonus for him being FOTM. Roulette: 6
Episode 4 A sad episode which saw the death of Lori and T-Dog who went out like a champion kicking, punching and assisting Carol to earn the MVP. Little Carl unlocked the “Ice Cold” medal for putting his mom down before she became a walker and Maggie received an assist for the most brutal c-section ever. Glenn decapitated a zombie and scored some points after being quiet for 2 episodes and team Michonne/Andrea are still out of the action. Roulette: 3
Episode 5 Rick has gone mad and run into the prison on a blood run up until he finds the zombie who ate Lori’s remains. Rick unlocks the “Gore Hound” (+25) medal for delivering 8 stabs to this zombie after a head shot. Glenn shot 2 zombies, and Michonne’s samurai sword claimed 6 walkers, 2 of which lost their heads. Tonight’s MVP is Daryl for going out and securing formula for the newborn baby, hunting dinner, and stopping to pick a flower for his beloved Carol who he thinks is dead. Daryl unlocks a new medal “Old Reliable“(+5) for the hat trick. Roulette: 6
Episode 6 So Michonne gets hunted by 4 men, gets shot and kills 2 earning her the “Ice Cold” medal along with dismembering a walker and bringing back some formula for the baby… sounds like MVP to me! Glenn does nothing this episode except a (-5) for people with him on their team and Andrea scores her first kill. Daryl scores an assist for rescuing Carol and shoots a walker in the head. Roulette: 10
Episode 7 Glenn showed how badass he is in this episode by taking torture and earning the “Like A Timex” medal along with killing a walker while tied up and sticking to Omerta – this earns him the MVP (what a boss). Rick continued to rack up the most kills and little Carl puts in some work. Andrea and Daryl get a kill a piece. Michonne sticks a survivor who threatened to let walkers in on the group (this has been amended as of 2/18/13). Roulette: 14
Episode 8 Crazy episode with much human on human killing – the ones with points for killing aggressive humans were Maggie, Rick and Daryl (all scoring the “Ice Cold” badge). Michonne killed one zombie and Carl killed 4, scored an assist by saving some people and receives the MVP. Roulette: 18 
Episode 9 Glenn goes absolutely beast on a zombie and earns the game’s second “Gore Hound” medal. Andrea actually shoots 2 walkers, Rick pops 1 and Daryl punches out 2 and shoots 1 in the head. MVP again goes to Maggie for doing the damn thing – honey lays covering fire with an automatic weapon, pops a couple walkers and downs an aggressive human. She scores an assist and a whole lot more but points go to Glenn, his Overkill netted him well over 50 points. Roulette: 9
Episode 10 Lots to recap so here’s the update: Rick 7 kills (4 by melee), Daryl is MVP with 2 assists, 12 kills, and 4 rescues (Bonus DRAGON’S GAMBIT added for the car trunk kill +25! Medal Earned: “Beer Opener“), Glenn didn’t kill anything but scored an assist, Michonne 4 kills, an assist and 1 decap, Maggie scores an assist, shoots a walker and killed a violent human sniper. Roulette: 12
Episode 11 Pretty dry episode due to story over gore… Andrea kills 2 zombies by hatchet to the face and mutilates another… but doesn’t kill it. No MVP this episode and Glenn owners suffer a -5 for his non-activity. Roulette: 14
Episode 12 Michonne gets MVP for saving Carl’s ass and she has 3 kills and an assist, as does Carl. Rick only gets 1 kill on camera (many more off unfortunately) and gets injured. Roulettte: 2
Episode 13  Not much went on for killing. Andrea stabs a walker and Daryl kills 3 including a cool knife throw. Roulette: 5
Episode 14 It was an Andrea episode so she cleaned up on kills and the default MVP, 4 melee kills and a couple tricks. Roulette: 10
Episode 15 Michonne earns a (Bonus DRAGON’S GAMBIT by decapitating a zombie with the rope she was tied up with +25! Medal Earned: “Garrote“), Glenn cuts off a zombie’s fingers, and Daryl gets 2 kills… one being his brother icon sad The Walking Dead – Fantasy Edition (Game 2) with an Overkill bonus of 35 points. Roulette: 17 
Finale: No MVP for this episode. Carl killed an innocent and got -10 points. Carol killed 2 walkers, Michonne killed 3, Daryl killed 2, and Rick got one. The loss of this episode was Andrea though who took a walker with her but eventually ate her gun. Winner of this Fantasy Edition is Loretta with Stayin’ Alive. Roulette: 14 


Scores updated: 04.01.2013

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